Friday, 11 February 2011

Knitting and gardening....

......but not at the same time this week.

I've been knitting lots of love hearts with any odd scraps of red and pink wool I have and then stuffing them with lavender. They're brilliant at keeping clothes smelling fresh when thrown in a drawer. I plan on giving a whole load to my husband for Valentine's Day (romance is not dead, even when you are eight months pregnant - but only just) If you want to make some in time for Monday you can find them here as a free pattern at Magpie Patterns.

I've also been getting excited about the polytunnel and vegetable patch this week. After trawling through lots of seeds catalogues I've decided to order them all from Sarah Raven. Planning to plant lots of multicoloured courgettes and squash together with salad, fennel, tomatoes, herbs etc. Spring is in air for sure.

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  1. Oh your hearts are adorable!!!! I am so excited for my garden as well. Happy weekend....fill it with some Valentine LOVE!