Friday, 18 February 2011


I can't get enough of this lovely spring colour at the moment. And totally by accident it seems to be in every project I have on the go.....

It features in nearly all of the baby bibs I've made this week.

My much loved tin bought from Habitat years ago that I use to keep my larger needles in.

A couple of lavender bags I made using some scraps.

And finally my new knitting project, a double breasted baby jacket in moss stitch, from Debbie Bliss Eco Baby.

Funny how you can be drawn to one colour so much and not realise until you are completely surrounded.
Half term is just around the corner. Lets just hope the weather cheers up so we can all be out in the garden. I've only got six weeks to go until the baby is due which I'm very excited about (in a tired, pregnant lady way....)

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  1. I've been making bibs too! That and bags. I can't wait to see the moss stitch sweater.