Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sorry for the lack of blogging of late. Things have been hectic around here as we celebrate Mr L turning 40 (much to his annoyance and I try not to rub it in too much that I am still in my 20's.) We have also been busy painting floors, decorating and organising the nursery (less than 10 weeks to D day) and just the general juggling of everyday life in grey January. Only a few days until February, we are nearly there people......

Anyway, normal blogging service should resume shortly but in the mean time I came across this lovely pattern for knitted dishcloths....

I suggest knitting a stash on one of those long winter evenings. Find the pattern here.

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  1. That photo could be a postcard, or in Toast catalog. Just lovely. Painting floors - I don't even want to know how hard that would be. ;)