Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Spring Green Gloves.....

I have just finished a lovely green pair of gloves with fabric buttons. Fairly pleased with them and think I will develop this idea for all my gloves in the etsy shop. These pair are off to Beth at The Linen Cat. I recieved the lovely linen mouse that I won from her blog giveaway in the post yesterday so by way of a thankyou I have offered to send her some gloves. I hope she likes them. Hmmm, these new gloves have started off lots of new ideas. Food for thought! Oh by the way I'm planning to share a fabulous recipe first discovered by a friend for Walnut Bakewell Tart. Sounds abit dodgy but its so delicioius......


  1. Just discovered you via the Linen Cat - I really love those gloves!

    Pomona x

  2. Lovely gloves! I've just found you through the Linen Cat. Good luck with your little shop.

  3. Hiya - I'm another who's popped over from The Linen Cat. Your gloves are beautiful...if you make some with buttons I think I may struggle to resist.

    I'm another new blogger and crafty seller. Good luck with it all. Julie

  4. Guess where I found you? Yep, The Linen Cat!! I love the buttons on the gloves, so pretty. And a great choice of fabric for the bag, I used it just before Christmas on one of my patchwork teddy bears.

    Welcome to blogging, I've only been doing it since September but I love it and have "met" so many other crafty folk like myself :)

  5. Yep...linen cat your gloves & just wanted to let you know that i received a recipe swap today- via my hometown- sydney australia...if you are keen to set a swap up, let me know.......looove the gloves....did i say that!?! .........melissa