Thursday, 13 May 2010

So we are back from our holiday in Puglia, Italy. It was lovely....... some beautiful hot sunny days (although interestingly even Southern Italy at this time of year can be grey and rainy as we discovered on a few days) We indulged in generous helpings of scrummy Parma ham, olives, gorgeous breads, pasta, prosecco, more olives......we LOVED the food!

It did however open our eyes to the reality of travelling with two children under 4. Gone are the days of strolling around markets just as a couple (the buggy was just to difficult to negotiate amongst the crowds and the children's patience wore thin pretty quickly) So we spent most of our time at the villa which was no hardship as you can see from the photo of the view of the pool.

Back at home I have plenty on the go. The Hoxne Artisan Craft Market is coming up in June and I'm busy making things. Developing a new knitted hairband idea and you can see my lovely work in progress here in amongst the lobellia. So pretty.

One last thing I want to share is the review I enjoyed on the UK Handmade blog of Erika Knight's new book Simple Knitting. Although I'm a massive fan of colour I also share her love of classic and neutral and I think this book could be worth looking out for.


  1. welcome back! i would have had no trouble sitting around that pool- or just staring at that little white washed building...
    it is such a different exp travelling with kids...our youngest is now 5 {by 14 days!!} and are heading off to greece again in 3 weeks- we may not make many markets but i love it more as the kids discover the world....
    NOW back to your creating- enjoy!
    melissa x

  2. yes, welcome back! you're braver than us, we still haven't flown with the boys since C was born, although we did drive to Germany last year (to see M's family). I just bought Simple Knitting so I'm glad it comes recommended, I am quite excited about it.