Wednesday, 26 May 2010

It's CRAZY in our household at the moment - so to balance this out I thought I would show you one small area of calm - my lovely colourful books from the hallway. Before I did this they were completely chaotic. This way they are rocking a more 'styled' look rather than screaming 'jumble sale table'!

I am also now contributing to UK Handmade's blog and quarterly newsletter. I've been a big fan for a while now and they've decided to let me have some input in the role of Editorial Assistant (!) Basically a "news hound" sniffing out interesting crafty stories, people, events etc. So chuffed and excited to be part of their team.

The Hoxne Artisan Market which is also approaching fast. This week I have been making lavender fish....

lavender hearts and 'smelly dogs' with knitted ears....

Nothings finished (....panic!) I'm going to have to get my skates on. Anyway my studio is a complete mess thanks to two little girls who have also been busy doing their "jobs". I'm too busy to be too bothered about this disaster zone at the moment- it can join the queue.


  1. Oh Lavender fish and 'Smelly Dogs' - sound cool! Let us see them finished won't you? Justine xx

  2. Will do. Well done on your blog award by the way! Shelley x

  3. I lovey our orange fish. Your smelly dogs sound interesting too! Kim :)