Thursday, 1 April 2010

A new creation....

The girls have started a new nursery today (the previous nursery was great but in the wrong direction for Miss B's new primary school so I thought I would make the change now so Miss T can settle in before having her big sister move again) I've spent the morning (in between boring housework) fiddling with a new creation.

It's a baby changing mat/car blanket made from Amy Butler and a lovely minky fabric, to make it super soft and snuggly. Overall I'm happy with it. I think the fabric works really well and the popper strap keeps it nice and neat. It could do with being a bit bigger and I'm toying with the idea of losing the fabric and replacing it with oilcloth. I love all the gorgeous Cath Kidston oilcloths with cowboys etc but as soon as I start even thinking about using this all the profitability goes out the window.......not that there was much of that anyway! I'm seeing my cousin at the weekend who has a six month old so I will give this one to her as long as she lets me road test the baby on it first and gives me her valuable opinion (she occassionally stops by the blog so I have to be nice!)

On another note I want to share with you this fabulous Cassoulet tin we brought back from France. I've been admiring it sitting on the Rayburn for months and last Saturday we finally opened it. It was truly delicious - just right for the wintery weather! Anyway, now we have opened it perhaps the spring weather will return. We can live in hope.


  1. I really like the changing mat, I can understand why you might opt for oilcloth though, but I guess price is a big factor.

    You have a Rayburn, I am so jealous!!


  2. Hi Beth
    Thanks for your comment. The Rayburn is great - but it chews through the oil, much to my husband's annoyance!

    Love your Easter bunny bags on the blog - they're great. Shelleyx