Thursday, 4 March 2010

Is it Thursday already.....?

What a week! (and not in a good way) Miss T had the chickenpox and just as she was getting over it Miss B came down with it too. She's been understandably utterly miserable and I've been up to my eyes in camomile cream and very unproductive. Anyway today is a new day, the sun is shining and the girls are finally both back at nursery.

I thought I would show you a photo of my kitchen table/desk/work area. A bit of creative chaos! You can see the cushions I made from vintage flags in the window seat.

On the table is.....a nearly finished pair of pink gloves for a special order. A lovely big corsage made from one of the skeins I recently bought from The Natural Dye Studio. One green spiral legging completed for Miss B (I've yet to start No.2) Then a pair of green gloves nearly finished (Have you noticed I'm in love with anything green at the moment!)

One last idea I'm working on is new cup warmers. As I mentioned my mother is a potter and I've asked her to make me a collection of simple handleless cups that I will make warmers for. In the meantime she's given me some other ones to work some ideas on. Isn't the sunshine glorious. More required please.......


  1. Lovely to see your workspace, looks like you get great light with those windows in the top shot. My Gran had a very, very old set of flags that I fear my sister may have binned, we used to play with them on her lawn when we were children and they would have made great cushions, such a good idea.

    Cup warmers with hand made cups - bet they would sell very well :)

  2. That looks like a great workspace to me! I love the views from those big windows, you're very lucky! Glad your girlies are better, there's nothing worse than chicken spots as my two refer to them as!!

  3. Hi, your blog is wonderful! I found you via UK Handmade. I love the no-handle mugs/warmers... a lovely idea.