Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Monster Pencil Case

Bou is going to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon for a new school friend. He's a boy and he will be turning six. Now because I have two girls I struggle with any boy related gift and this party has given me a slight headache. I don't know the little boy or his parents so don't have much of an insight into what would be an appropriate gift plus I have the added stress of making a good impression - I do want to be friends with these mums and alienating myself as "the weird one who makes stuff" would not be the best start.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I started to work on a monster pencil case and it actually turned out ok. The idea is that erasers and sharpeners can be kept safe in the monster pouch and pencils and pens in the case. Of course I will pad it out with some colouring pencils etc (probably Ben 10 to be on the safe side!)

1 comment:

  1. Love this gift - perfect boy gift, and the quilt. I love liberty fabric -looks beautiful with those greens, and congrats on the award. :) My oldest daughter also plays flute and piano. I'm way behind her on piano, but I am slowing getting better. I now now can play with 2 hands at the same time. Never mind that most of the time the bass cleff is all whole notes. ;)