Monday, 6 September 2010

Well I now have a daughter at school. I could hardly believe it when I dressed my eldest in her school clothes this morning - so grown up. She was very excited, particularly about her pink lunch box although we did have a few tears when it came me leaving her in the classroom. So now I've only got one child at home in the mornings which I hope will mean I am able to keep more on top of things around the house (which means more knitting in the evenings- yay!)
Of course little sister had to get in on the act too......

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  1. Oh sweet, she looks all 'grown-up'. Mind you, with F just going into his second year, we (the Mums) couldn't help but notice how much they have all grown, I can't believe F is no longer a 'newbie'.

    I hope she is settling in, we had a few tears as well, you just know she stops the minute you're out of sight and has a great time :)