Sunday, 4 July 2010

A few photos from my new polytunnel which is officially going bonkers after all the lovely weather. I can virtually watch my squash and courgette plants growing and the pak choi has been amazing.

As I mentioned in an earlier post with is my first experience with a polytunnel (although I have wanted one for years) and I'm totally loving it. Everything is looking wonderfully healthy and its only been four weeks since the thing went up - and all the plants have been grown from seed (although I did start these off back in early May)

For years my husband as referred to me as "black finger" when it comes to growing things.......he may just have to eat his words!


  1. Looks amazing, there's nothing like eating food you've grown yourself.


  2. Hi there
    Thanks for becoming a follower. It's nice to meet new people and hope you find something to interest you. I do rabbit on about all sorts of things as well as the sewing etc I do.
    I am in envy of your poly tunnel. I have a great garden but no space for one unfotunately. Your veg look super. Am following you now so will watch the progress.