Friday, 4 June 2010

Lots to share with you this week......

I made my first toddler cowboy bib as modelled by Miss T. Its pretty spotty fabric with a soft furry fabric on the reverse - in my experience there is no way a toddler will have anything against their skin that isn't super soft.
Also made some watercolour and ink cards for the Hoxne Craft Market next Saturday......

and I used up lots of random buttons making button hearts which have turned out looking very pretty.

I finally finished my apron for the Great Apron Swap. This was surprising easy to make considering I didn't have a pattern. It just sort of evolved as I went along. Hope Sash in Australia likes it. (Sorry for the pants photo I was in a rush to get it in the post)

It has been beautifully sunny all week here in Norfolk. The girls have had a great time messing about in the garden (as you can see) and its meant I've actually been able to get some jobs done, rather than just entertain them.

The new fruit cage and polytunnel are up now after a lot of hard work and tears - the polytunnel was particularly difficult.

Finally the new UK Handmade summer magazine is out. Go and check it out. I've also had my first article posted on their blog this Saturday. Exciting stuff!


  1. Very pretty cards and button heart, but your apron is a triumph. I especially love the pom poms around the pocket. Kim :)

  2. you have been sooo busy....all this lovely sunshine & happy kiddos outside helps the productivity i think!
    love your buttons....super lovely...
    and as an aussie- i think your aussie swap partner will LOVE the apron!
    melissa x

  3. Hi
    I have come to your blog via bobo bun's blog. I really love the cards - so attractive. I'm sure your Australian swap partner will love the apron.
    However I must admit the biggest pull of your blog is that you are another blogger in East Anglia. There are a few of us around and its great to read about places and events that we know about. I have become a follower of your blog - hope thats ok
    Now off to read more about UK Handmade
    Take care and have a good weekend

  4. Thanks again for the mention Shelley. I completely forgot you're in Norfolk too. Getting jobs done and not entertaining the kids - takes a lot of willpower that one and a spot of going deaf.

    Lisa x